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Why Move To Assisted Living In The Fall

When families initially discuss moving an older loved one to an assisted living community, countless questions arise. From which assisted living community is best to how much it costs, everyone in the family has their own opinion. Even the timetable for moving can be challenging to pin down. Is summer better than winter? Or is spring or autumn the best choice? The decision to relocate is often an individual decision based on unique circumstances for the older adult. Sometimes, conditions like an illness or injury can determine when to move.

If seniors can choose what time of year to move, encourage them to move in the fall. Fall is the ideal time to relocate for various motives. Seniors considering relocating to an assisted living community should consider these eight reasons for an autumn move.

1. Autumn Is An Easy Time To Move Summer is the preferred time to move for younger people with fast-paced lives, but moving in the fall has some benefits for seniors. The days are usually cooler, and sunset is later in the evening. If seniors have a friend or family member to help move things into their new apartment, everyone will have an easier experience than at other times of the year. Grown children with kids in school may have more opportunities to help move during the daytime. While moving is never fun, hauling boxes and furniture in the snow and ice of wintertime can be less than ideal. Seniors can avoid the chaos of winter moving by acting before the snowflakes and getting settled before winter strikes. 2. Fall Is The Offseason For Moving June, July, and August are considered the primary moving months. Most people want to move in the summer, which increases the cost of movers, rental equipment, storage facilities, gas, and everything else. Families with children often move during the summer when schools are out. The same is true for recent college graduates starting a new job. Seniors who move during the fall avoid the rush and save money. Those who wait to move until late September or early October may be able to negotiate cheaper rates with local moving companies.

3. Sell Your House At A Good Time Living in a big, empty home can feel lonely, especially if your family lives far away and you don’t know your neighbors. Homes require lots of upkeep, and the bills can get costly during winter. Winterproofing an older home can also be pricey. It can be unsafe for older adults to live independently for long periods. These are some reasons seniors choose to sell their homes and move into independent or assisted living. If you’re selling your home, consider listing in late summer, which is still an excellent time to sell, with plenty of time to move into a new assisted living community. Selling a home takes time. The good news is that homes sell throughout the year, and the market is currently strong. During the fall months, there are typically fewer properties on the market, which means less inventory and less competition for buyer attention. Additionally, fall provides excellent weather for exterior repairs.

4. A New Home For The Holidays With the holidays in mind, seniors can get settled during the fall at assisted living community, then decorate it for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas. Seniors can be situated in their new digs in plenty of time for fun holiday events. It’s a perfect opportunity for seniors to acclimate and make new friends during the festive season. Seniors can start creating new holiday memories in their new homes. The holidays are a joyful time in most assisted living communities. Seniors who move during the fall will be settled in and ready to participate in the holiday activities. Ideally, you can help them move in before Thanksgiving so they can adjust to their new living space and have time to tidy up, invite family and friends for a visit, and do whatever else they want. This not only gives them time to settle in but also to prepare for the festivities. If they need to do some Christmas shopping, they can use transportation provided by their assisted living community.

5. Avoid Bad Weather Winter can be cold and snowy in the northeastern United States, making travel dangerous and difficult. It can cause sidewalks to become slippery, increasing the likelihood of falls. Seniors can avoid these dangers by entering assisted living in the fall before the weather worsens. Seniors who reside in a climate prone to freezing may not enjoy running errands and driving during the wintertime. Moving into an assisted living community allows seniors to use the community’s door-to-door transportation services to get around. Most communities provide complimentary rides to local shops and places of interest. Complimentary transportation offers a sense of freedom for residents without the responsibility of getting behind the wheel, maintaining a driver’s license, or paying for monthly car insurance.

6. A Social Environment One of the main benefits of moving your loved one to an assisted living community in the fall is giving them time to join a group of local peers before the weather gets tough. Older people feel lonely in winter because the roads are more dangerous. With pre-planned social events just steps from residents’ rooms, assisted living communities help combat loneliness. From chair yoga to art workshops, on-site activities help seniors stay active and engaged even when it’s cold — no need to trek through the snow to the gym or visit a book club. Watching television, discussing the weather, or following a favorite sports team is a great way to connect with the other residents.

7. Good Food And Better Nutrition Older adults who live alone often don’t have a balanced diet. From lack of transportation to the grocery store to no motivation to cook for themselves, it’s easy to see why. Your loved one will look and feel better with a well-balanced daily meal.

8. Avoid The Spring Moving Rush When springtime rolls around, people start moving again – which means the prices go up again. Prices increase in the spring and continue through the summer. This means higher shipping and removal rates – and harder to find available movers. Since fall is a less popular time to move, prices will be cheaper and moving companies easier to find.

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